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The unique combination is certainly Austria’s contribution to European Experts’ Night 2011. The objective of European Researchers’ Night time is for researchers to create their work available and tangible. This is a central pillar of the European dedication to spark enthusiasm for analysis among everyone. Many institutions connect with participate. This full calendar year, St. Poelten University of SYSTEMS, with PR&D together, the PR company for Research & Education, were able to convince the jury making use of their ideas: state-of-the-art press technologies be able to experience research outcomes that surround us with all senses.Based on the experts these transcription elements Nkx2-1, Nfib and Myb regulate lung cell proliferation in advancement, and in tumorigenesis performing as oncogenes. The novel hyperlink we recognized between NKX2-1, miR-200c and NFIB or MYB may take part in propagating fluctuations in the known degrees of Nkx2-1 in human being lung tumors, adding substantial info to understanding lung tumorigenesis, for improvement of its prognosis, treatment and diagnosis, he added. Tagne believes the regulatory network determined in this function addresses a system of balancing the tumor suppressor miR-200c and the oncogenes Nkx2-1, Myb and Nfib.