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BC Psychological Association cautions against expanded gambling Focused on promoting mental health in BC communities, the BC Psychological Association want to address the existing proposal help with for a Casino growth in downtown Vancouver: Registered Psychologists in BC make use of proven and effective remedies to take care of mental health difficulties such as for example Pathological Gambling, permitting individuals to see renewed standard of living. It is seen as a continuous preoccupation with gambling and the necessity to gamble with raising amounts of money to see the same degrees of excitement as before.Patients thinking about obtaining more information about the analysis may call 597-5970 and have for the study division.

Carotid artery stenting safe and effective in older adults Researchers in Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia and a multicenter team of investigators have found that carotid artery stenting is safe and effective in patients age 70 and older. Their study showed that while the example of adverse events increases with age in this high-risk people, compared to historical data, the chance remains low extremely, at 6 %, also in those ages 85 and up.