The compound is currently being tested in a stage I/II scientific trial at seven clinics in Sweden.

Therefore, it’ll be very interesting to really have the opportunity to present and discuss the medical study design of the totally new concept of treating malignancy , says Charlotta Liljebris, Head of Advancement at Aprea AB.. Aprea to provide poster on phase I/II clinical trial of APR-246 anticancer substance at ASCO Meeting Among a lot more than 5000 poster abstracts, Aprea AB has been selected to present a poster at the annual American Culture of Clinical Oncology Conference in Chicago. The demonstration will explain the scientific rational and design of the ongoing stage I/II clinical trial with Aprea’s medication candidate APR-246.Over the past twenty years experiments have been conducted on weather modification, especially on the effects of seeding clouds with such nutrients as silver iodide crystals, admits a NASA survey which was published in 1966. [A] number of federal government agencies have been developing plans for research and eventually operational programs in weather and environment modification, it adds, noting that researchers had already developed a way to alter precipitation by up to 20 %, and also decrease incidences of lightning. You can read the full shocking report, entitled A Recommended National Program in Weather Modification, here: As you will clearly see, the idea of spreading particles through the entire atmosphere to improve weather patterns is barely some harebrained conspiracy theory.