Are you getting scammed by the complete Foods fresh bar?

Are you getting scammed by the complete Foods ‘fresh’ bar? All the controversy in the last few years regarding Entire Foods Marketplace and its dubious position on genetically-modified organisms seems to have fizzled following the company’s latest announcement that, by 2018, all GMOs sold in its stores should be labeled properly . However in the meantime, are Whole Foods patrons, and especially those who purchase food at among its many ‘fresh’ food pubs, being duped into spending a premium for products that contain GM canola oil and other harmful additives? If you frequent Entire Foods, you probably possess been beckoned, at least once, by the siren phone calls emanating from one of its enticing new food buffets, which are filled with piping-hot more fresh vegetables typically, delectable casseroles, tender meats dishes, and various other savory, gourmet delights.