Alnylam to defend against Tekmira complaint Alnylam Pharmaceuticals.

Klegerman’We firmly believe that the complaint filed by Tekmira can be without merit or basis, and we plan to defend ourselves in this matter fully,’ said Barry Greene, President and Chief Working Officer of Alnylam. ‘Given the longstanding supportive and fully collaborative relationship we have had with Tekmira, it is surprising and intensely unfortunate they have selected to voice issues through unexpected litigation rather than constructive business dialog, also to shift resources away from the scientific and clinical advancement of RNAi therapeutics, which should be the sole focus at this time.’ Within the communication to Alnylam concerning the filed complaint, Tekmira provides stated that it will satisfy its contractual obligations linked to the developing of specific Alnylam development-stage and medical pipeline products.This was one mechanism the field acquired contemplated, but other evidence suggested a different scenario. Some experts believed that the peptide caused a general thinning of the cell membranes and these thinned membranes lost their ability to keep calcium ions out of human brain cells. Mayer and Yang disproved this latter theory. ‘When you understand these mechanisms better, you have an improved chance of having the ability to counteract them just as one treatment pharmaceutically. For instance, if amyloid-beta thins membranes, this general effect may be difficult to treat. On the other hand, if it forms skin pores, this effect might be treatable with pore blockers.