Which gives 3-D images of the heart.

Newby explained this occurred because they identified more incorrect diagnoses of angina due to coronary artery disease than previously unrecognized situations of this condition. ‘This means we were able to stop unnecessary treatments in the former, which are often given over a lifetime and start new treatments in those now properly identified as having coronary artery disease to avoid future problems; the obvious reductions in coronary attack hence,’ he said.The Therapeutic Goods Administration recommends hormone substitute therapy be used in the short-term for the administration of the symptoms of menopause. Many professionals believe current recommendations regarding HRT still apply and say the scholarly research simply confirms that which was already known. They say the decision to stop HRT should be up to the individual, even for women who’ve been using HRT for much longer than the recommended time. Professor Evans’s study is released in the BMC Cancers journal..