BME introduces new.

BME introduces new, improved Velocity Continuous Active Compression System BME, Inc. (BioMedical Enterprises, Inc., the held U privately.S. Keith M. Peeples, President & CEO of BME, shared his perseverance and focus on constant improvement of the BME brands. Peeples spoke about their most recent innovation.Nowadays there are plans to build up a routine diagnostic tool named an endotheliometer which steps activity within the endothelium, a layer of cells that coats the within of every blood vessel in the physical body. Professor Stefanovska stated: Endothelial function declines with age, and diseases such as heart failure and hypertension have associated endothelial dysfunction. We can use it to check on that the condition of ageing is within healthy limits and can try to prevent possible complications resulting in serious impairment and cardiovascular disease. The eight-year task provides been funded by EPSRC, Wellcome Trust and, most recently, by ESRC under its New Dynamics of Ageing program.