Noroviruses could be transmitted from an infected person.

Xpert Norovirus allows on-demand molecular differentiation and recognition of the GI and GII Norovirus genogroups, which together account for the vast majority of human infections, said Dr. David H. Persing, MD, Ph.D., Cepheid's Chief Technology and Medical Officer. Norovirus outbreaks require instant implementation of targeted infections control procedures, which new check gives clinicians accurate outcomes in less than one hour. .. Cepheid gets FDA clearance to market Xpert Norovirus Cepheid today announced it offers received clearance from the U.S. Both Xpert Norovirus and the recently cleared Xpert Flu/RSV XC are also categorized as Moderate Complexity testing.That is the summary of a new study published early on the web in Malignancy, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Malignancy Society. The findings may help in the development of screening suggestions for patients with a brief history of colorectal cancer. Studies have found that colorectal cancers survivors have a larger risk of developing another malignancy weighed against the general population. Amanda Phipps, PhD, MPH, of the University of Washington and Fred Hutchinson Cancers Research Middle in Seattle, and her colleagues looked to find whether that improved risk differed for folks depending on where their past cancer was located within the colon or rectum.