DMSE is partnering with GoKids Boston

In an effort to raise awareness of the importance of kid’s fitness and to support the mission of GoKids Boston, UMass has teamed with the DMSE Children’s Fitness Foundation on two major fundraising initiatives. First, GoKids is proud to have recently been selected to participate in the Boston Athletic Association’s fundraising program for the 113th Boston Marathon® to be held April 20th, 2009. This program consisting of 25 dedicated runners, many of whom are first-time marathoners, and an impressive network of supporters is going strong. We graciously ask you to please visit the team webpage at:

Second, GoKids developed a new program called the 24-Hour Fitness Festival or “GoKids 24” on May 16-17, 2009. Due to our desire to more thoroughly solicit widespread participation on the campus of UMass Boston and throughout the City, the planning team has decided to postpone the event until further notice. We believe the benefit of postponing at this time will be a future reemergence of a highly successful fundraising event that raises awareness of kid’s fitness and is financially viable within the current economic climate.

In the meantime, all efforts are focused on the rapidly approaching Boston Marathon and the GoKids Charity Team. We are offering opportunities to participate in exclusive social events for our supporters. Please contact the GoKids staff for more information at 617-287-5437. Thank you for your support of GoKids to ‘help kids grow healthy’.