The Lincoln Kids Triathlon

Participants from the 2007 Lincoln Kids Triathlon proudly display their well-deserved medals.

The Lincoln Kids Triathlon encourages kids to develop healthy lifestyle choices, set personal goals, and live an active lifestyle.  The event is intended for kids of all ability levels with the intent to encourage each child to achieve beyond his or her expectations.  The proud smiles and high-fives at the finish certainly lead us to believe we are achieving this goal.  I have had several parents tell me that the event has been transforming for their kids–that completing the kids triathlon gave their child confidence and a boost to their self-esteem that stayed with them long after the event was over.

My favorite outcome of the event is seeing the kids leave their body markings on their arms and legs for as many days as possible after the event.  (I hope it doesn’t discourage them from swimming or that is an unintended and counter-productive consequence!).  The race T- shirt is an item that gets worn proudly for years afterward.

Our mission dovetails perfectly with that of the DMSE Children’s Fitness Foundation which is why we decided to name them as our beneficiary this year.  The more opportunities kids have to try sports in a fun and encouraging atmosphere, the more these kids will adopt active lifestyles which will benefit them their whole lives.